About Us

Datis Sanat Abnous Corporation rely on its managers and consultants has taken place in backgrounds of importation and distribution of lab-chemical and industrial materials from the best companies all over the world .the ability of this corporation in import of chemical materials from Merck , Sigma Aldrich , Alpha Easer and Acres Companies and from other different countries of the world made its managers to think , find out , research and produce some chemical Materials for Chemical industries and Laboratories with fair amount which has been successful within the years .


One of the most important aim of the corporation is to give high quality and suitable price which make our selling service very efficient in the country.





datais sanat abnous LTD

unit 5,no. 1,sima dead end,

yakhchal st ,shariati st.

theran iran

tel :(00) 98 21 22637682

or (00) 98 21 22637683

fax: (00) 98 21 22637662